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Looking for a generous pour?

public-house-2crop public-house-1cropWhen the West was won, your local saloon was the go-to establishment for an alcoholic beverage of your choice. Granted, at that time, “your choice” was limited to whisky or beer, but a saloon was still a great option for those looking to gather with friends in a liquor-laced environment. Saloons turned into pubs, and pubs into sports bars … bringing men and women alike together, where they could be found cheers’ing and cheering in unison.

Over the years, every “legal” bootlegging, beer-offering establishment has found a way to rebrand the age-old tradition of drinking with friends, and upping the ante on the fun front.

The newest in this lineup of alcohol-offering establishments – “The Public House”.

Public Houses are to the Lower Mainland, what the great Gold Rush was to the West. It’s a feeding frenzy of fiercely thirsty folk. Liquid amber (beer) seems like a valuable commodity, and finding a place serving craft beer – well, these pubic houses fit that bill effectively.

Perhaps the locals have just been starved for fresh scenery and new, on-tap carbonation, but the Joseph Richard Group has tapped into a wellspring of these revamped watering holes quite nicely.

Whether it’s the Townhall in Coquitlam, or the Townhall in Langley. The Henry in Cloverdale or The Hemmingway in White Rock …the birth of these “public houses” are met with a lineup of thirty patrons.

So the next time you’re feeling parched, check out the many local establishments offered by the Joseph Richards Group. Their affordable prices will have you springing for your friends’ bill, and their menu selections will have you pointing out your preferred public house to your co-workers!

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