Understanding the ecoENERGY Retrofit Program

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With our seemingly never-ending cold front, residents in Langley, Surrey and White Rock are still bundling up outside and cranking the heat inside – costly measures on both accounts! That’s where the ecoENERGY Retrofit government assisted program is a benefit worth understanding. Essentially, it’s a program where homeowners can get a non-taxable grant for renovations that improve the energy efficiency of their home.

This sounds straight forward, but as with any government funded program – there is a lot of criteria which homeowners have to meet before being eligible for the grant. I have consistently found that the costs involved have turned many homeowners away from the idea, despite the government having conducted an inspired ad campaign promoting this tax-saving measure.

ecoENERGY Retrofit – The Basics

Simply put, in order to be eligible for this non-taxable grant, homeowners must qualify on several points. Regardless of your location – from Langley to South Surrey – the criteria remains the same.

Step 1.

The first step in qualifying for the ecoEnergy retrofit program is to have a pre-retrofit assessment conducted on your home. This means an energy advisor will visit your home and conduct a survey to assess how energy efficient it is. The survey will indicate the areas which can be improved upon and also give advice on renovations that can be made to help improve your home efficiency levels.

Sound simple enough? It is. But remember, there is a cost associated with having the energy advisor conduct the survey. The energy advisor should be able to quote a final cost before he or she begins.

Step 2.

Once you’re armed with the survey results, you can set about doing the necessary renovations. You don’t necessarily have to do everything listed, but the energy advisor will advise you on which improvements would be best, what products you should use, and he/she will also include an estimate for the costs involved to complete the work.

Step 3.

Once the renovations to your home have been completed, the energy advisor will return to carry out another assessment to see how the energy efficiency of your home has been improved, and to assess how much grant money you are eligible to receive.

Moving Forward

If you do decide to go ahead with the assessment survey, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are obliged to take on any renovation work. If you are planning on selling your home, you can simply retain the assessment and show it to potential buyers so that they can see the level of your home’s energy efficiency, or where it can use improvements.


If you go so far as to carry out the work and follow all instructions given by the energy advisor, there’s little reason why you shouldn’t receive a grant to cover some or all of the work. If you’re getting a partial return for the work you’ve done, this is also clearly a great benefit as you will have a more energy efficient home without paying the full cost of the renovations.. A home which is more energy efficient will save you a lot of money in the long term. Less power consumption = lower utility bills.

Buyer Beware

It should also be noted that there is a possibility that you won’t qualify for the grant if your renovations are not deemed to be ‘up to standard,’ or if the correct materials were not used. Be mindful of this possibility and only work with credible contractors as shoddy work is to nobody’s benefit

ecoENERGY Retrofit – The Benefits

If all things move ahead as they should, the ecoEnergy Retrofit Program is highly beneficial to homeowners. If you remain in your home, i your living expenses will be decreased, or alternately – if you put your home up for sale, it will potentially increase your selling price. Your energy efficient renovations will potentially make a buyer a lot happier and more convinced to buy your home. I highly suggest looking into the ecoENERGY retrofit program for yourself as there really is little downside.

You can find out more about the ecoENERGY Retrofit on the Service Canada website at: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/goc/ecoenergy.shtml .

Alternatively, please feel free to contact me and I will answer your questions as best I can.


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