One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure…

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So I realize that we still have Valentine’s day (today!) to face before spring has sprung, and the flowers begin to emerge out of their winter slumber, but planning ahead for your garage sale can help you make the most of an age-old tradition. Especially if you are relocating elsewhere in Canada. A lot of times, it is cheaper to sell large items rather than transfer them with the moving company you have chosen.

Craigslist and Kijiji are great places to replace those items once you have moved; as many people obviously are doing the exact same thing you are – moving!

Items that may cost more to ship, include such things as your: swing set, trampoline, BBQ, outdoor recreational furniture etc. You may even want to consider selling your indoor furniture, if it doesn’t hold sentimental value for you or your family.

As for your smaller items, here are some tips to hosting a garage sale that will result in a good “sell-off”.

Curb Appeal

Merchandise your items in a way that appeals to buyers. Curb appeal matters, so consider the following garage sale tips when preparing items for your garage sale:

• Wash, dry, iron and fold or hang all clothing

• Arrange similar items together at the sale

• Use signage to label areas of your garage sale

• If you are having a block sale, color code all your belongings so you know what’s yours

• Polish silver or brass

• Wipe and clean all glass and mirrors


• Use signs, balloons, flags and banners

• Post your garage sale on the internet, and local community websites

• Run ads in the local papers (believe me, people “garage sale” as a hobby)

• Place signs on trees, store windows and wherever else is permitted

These simple yet effective measures will ensure your garage sale is populated with people looking to add your “junk” to their treasure chests, and allow you to lighten your load …whether moving, or simply cleaning house!


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