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Andrew Szalontai Sampling the Fraser Valley's Best!

Andrew Szalontai Sampling the Fraser Valley’s Best!

When locals think of wineries, we often think of the Okanagan Valley or the almighty Napa Valley. But did you know that Langley (and area) offers wine-on-tap also? Okay, the wine is actually bottled as it should be, but these local wineries are well worth the time to tour.

Any given Wednesday would have normally found me immersed in that thing known as “work”, but last week my office hours found me perched outside a trilogy of wineries, all a hop sip and a jump from one another.

Beginning at the renowned Township 7, we discovered this winery offers various events and a local wine club for their thirsty wine-lovers. From Mothers Day brunches, to wine stomping in October, Township 7 brings the wine-laced beverages and fun-filled activities to these always sold-out events.

Not to be outdone by their neighbour, The Backyard Vineyards also offers many-a-event at their location. Found just around the corner from Township 7, this scenic spot holds many functions – offering both an indoor and/or outdoor setting for your scenic wedding, fabulous girls’ night, or diverse work event…you name it, they host it.

Fraser Valley Wine

A great place for a glass (or bottle)!

They top off your tasting with a chocolate line pairing, specifically sold to participate nicely with your wine. Mouth watering chocolate – meet thirst-quenching port!

Now if you were not aware of those first two wineries, most people in the Lower Mainland have likely heard of Domaine de Chaberton. This popular pour house boasts of a restaurant, large tasting room and sprawling vineyard.

My tasting partner and I, found that whether these vineyards were more boutique in size, or a sprawling gaggle of

grapevines, all three of these wineries also supplement their grape supply with Okanagan varieties. These grapes to the south-east, offer a bouquet of flavours that the Fraser Valley can not grow.

So, perhaps the next time you want to call in sick on a random Wednesday, or for those who want to remain ethical and participate in an event day …these Fraser Valley wineries offer the perfect pairing of delectable wines and pleasurable outings.

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