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It has been said “all the world’s a stage”, and your home should be no exception when you are in the midst of selling it. From fresh foliage lining your walkway, to flowers scenting your kitchen, these little acts of staging can make all the difference in selling.

The fact of home staging remains – a staged home sells quicker and often for above-asking price due to it’s aesthetically pleasing appeal.

Whether you are making your country cottage in Langley presentable, or minimizing your Surrey city condo’s clutter, pulling together a pleasant scenery for a potential homebuyer, it well worth the time and effort.

Do It Yourself How-To’s

At its simplest form, home staging is giving your home a deep cleaning, a coat of paint, and a plot of flowers. You want your home to be spotless. From the entranceway cleared of footwear, to the kitchen clean of dishes, to the playroom completely picked up. Simple and standard ways in which to provide curb side appeal to onlookers and in-lookers.

Don’t make your clutter the cause of someone’s distaste for your home. One person’s “homey” is another person’s “cluttered” …so knick knacks and paddy wagons and even your dog bones – all put away.

Kitchens, master bedrooms, flooring, and your back (and often front) yard – are your optimal selling features. A small investment in stainless steel appliances, could mean a large increase in the perceived value of your home. Same with replacing your carpets with hardwood (laminate) flooring. In addition, modernizing your bathroom vanity, re-grouting the tub, and throwing in some new faucets – huge selling feature. Add to that an extended deck, and your home just got chosen over your next door neighbours.

Spring is an excellent season to get this type of work done, and have your home perfectly prepped and on the market by the time the May flowers begin to bloom.

Keep in mind, with the Home Renovation Tax Credit, you can apply for a tax credit on a lot of your larger renovations, making these expenses more affordable, attainable and approachable.

For further advice on home staging, please give me a call or send me an email. I’m more than happy to offer help and advice, and look forward to meeting your home buying needs!


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