Schooling concerns and a new school for the Yorkson area..

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Rapid home building in fast-growing communities in the Fraser Valley area has parents wondering which overcrowded school their children will attend each Fall. There are many private schools in both the Surrey and Langley areas of the Lower Mainland, but attached to that is also additional costs, and with the growing cost of living and housing – adding school costs isn’t feasible for most. This means that for those parents who wish to use the public school system, they are faced with a frustrating reality and feel as though their children’s education has not been a priority.  Seemingly, the government can’t keep up with public services in areas that are growing so rapidly.

The Langley School District is one of the few in the province where K-7 student enrollment is growing, so when homeowners are purchasing in the Willoughby or Clayton Heights regions they expected a decent school district. That reality hasn’t been the case. These locations, in particular, have parents hard-pressed to feel as though their children are receiving a good education, as it’s a local school system over-run with kids and under-run by staff or school rooms to house them.

A new school for the Yorkson area!

Good news! Last Friday, Education Minister George Abbott and Langley Board of Education chairman Wendy Johnson signed an agreement for the a new school in the Yorkson area of Langley – which, at $13.8 million, is a little costlier than the $13.3 million Fripps elementary.

However, land acquisition for the Yorkson school will push the total to more than $20 million.

In addition the local municipalities have said that, associated with this new build, there will be community programs offered at an on-site Neighbourhood Learning Centre (NLC).

With a scheduled open date of September 2013, a lot of parents with kindergarten-aged children are breathing a sigh of relief. Many parents in this area – despite kindergarten now being on a full time schedule in BC – have had to opt for half days, as there weren’t enough classrooms and manpower to teach the number of students registering each Fall. That number is only growing as neighbourhoods continue to build and thrive.

Lynn Fripps Elementary, according to the ministry, is now midway through construction and is on budget and on time. The school is scheduled to open in September for up to 510 Kindergarten to Grade 7 students.

Planning for a new middle school in the Yorkson area is also under way, with opening day anticipated for September 2014!




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