Buying or own a Home? Here’s how to save Money and Energy while Improving Your Home’s Value

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Whether you are looking to buy a home in Langley, Surrey, South Surrey, or White Rock – saving money and energy is everyone’s prerogative. Now with the government’s ecoENERGY Retrofit Program, homeowners are given the financial incentive required to make energy efficient changes to their home. The Retrofit Program is a grant available to all homeowners. In order to take advantage of the incentive your home must be assessed by an energy advisor. Upon completion, the advisor produces a report suggesting what can be done, and the homeowner decides what improvements they would like to make. Once the renovations are complete, the energy advisor returns to the home to re-assess the work and determines how much of the grant you are entitled to.

Despite the temperate climate in Langley, Surrey, South Surrey and White Rock (and all of Lower Mainland BC) – saving money and reducing energy output should be top-of-mind in today’s economy. Concerns about climate change and rising energy costs makes the prospect of improving a home’s energy efficiency quite attractive. Homeowners in BC are doing a great job of becoming more environmentally friendly by increasing the amount of recycling they participate in, but there’s plenty more that can be done in the bid to become more energy efficient. The great thing is that energy efficiency will save you money in the long-run and can improve the sale potential and even sale price, of your home.

While the ecoENERGY Retrofit plan will mean long-term savings, there are some initial costs to be aware of.. For instance, there are costs involved with paying for the services of the energy advisor, and for the work that must be completed before getting your grant money. However, improving the energy efficiency of your home needn’t be complicated and can be achieved by homeowners at a ‘doable’ cost and in a timely fashion.

 The How-To’s of Energy Saving

There are many ways in which homeowners can save energy, no matter if you’re nestled in the Langley valley or bundled up in breezy White Rock. Depending on location there may be different routes one would want to consider, and it will require investing in your eventual savings, but you will see the returns when your energy bill is reduced month after month.

Change your light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs are a great start. Yes, there’s more initial cost involved but they last a lot longer than a standard light bulb and use a lot less power. If you replaced every single bulb in your home with an energy saving bulb you will see a difference in your energy consumption.

Replace your old water heater

There are several benefits involved with replacing your old energy-draining water heater with a newer model. A more efficient water heater will heat your water more quickly, and will keep it hot for a longer period of time. This saves a substantial amount of energy and you benefit from hotter water and lower running costs. Also, a new water heater is a great selling point for many buyers if you’re thinking of selling your home. In addition to theecoENERGY Retrofit program, a new water heater would also be covered under the new Home Renovation Tax Credit – yet another benefit to consider.

Windows and Doors

As I understand it, fitting new windows and doors would also be covered under the HRTC. Fitting energy efficient doors and windows is a large renovation to consider, but again – it can save you money in the long term and really helps to sell your home when the time comes. If your home or the home you’d like to purchase is in the White Rock and South Surrey areas, changing your doors and windows may be something to put at the top of your renovations list as these areas have a higher wind-chill factor due to being so close to the coastal front.

These are just a few examples of things you can do to improve the energy efficiency, and the saleability of your home. Please get in touch with me by phone or email if you would like more tips and advice on other ways to improve your home or its sale potential.


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