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Andrew Szalontai of Re/Max Treeland RealtyRenovating your home can be an exciting endeavor whether you’re looking to remain in that or aim to sell it for a greater profit. But with renovations also come concerns and pitfalls that you might face when taking on such a project.

In order to better streamline your concerns and tackle issues before they might arise, I have created a comprehensive checklist to safeguard against such things, and better enable you to get your house renovation ready:

1. Consult with your contractor or point person for the renovation, and get an exact time frame for when work will start, and an estimate for when it will end.

2. If you have room on your property, consider renting some form of portable self-storage to keep furniture and appliances free of dust or other damage during the renovation.

3. Set aside essential items like coffee makers, hair dryers and other household appliances that are used daily.

4. Pack gadgets, appliances, and other items not needed on a daily basis, into labeled boxes for storage in your shed, basement or on-site storage unit.

5. Pack smaller household items like decorative accessories, curtains, mirrors, wall hangings, and lamps into labeled boxes for storage in your shed, basement or on-site storage unit.

6. Move furniture from renovation site, and furniture from adjacent rooms to your portable storage unit, basement, shed or garage.

7. To protect your carpets and floors, and to reduce dust and debris throughout the house, cover them with a plastic sheet.

8. If you are renovating your kitchen – purchase disposable cups, plates and silverware to allow for easy cleanup.

9. Be sure to properly label all boxed items so they can be located easily if needed.

10. When loading storage container, shed or basement, be sure to place bigger items to the back and smaller items and appliances you might possibly need towards the front.

These might seem like simple reminders, but sometimes the simple reminders make the biggest difference with keeping harmony in your daily life, while renovations go on around you.

Selling your home might seem like a daunting task at times, but having a realtor who can guide you through these sorts of things, can streamline the process straight through to your sale. As always – I’m here to help!

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