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Hiring a realtor can be a tricky endeavor! It requires a lot of attention to detail, parallel objectives, and ensuring that your personalities do not conflict on your investment intentions.

So what do you do if you are relocating to an area –either from within the Lower Mainland, or Canada–  that your realtor of choice does not service? Get a referral!

Finding a realtor that is in your own city based on websites and Google searches alone, can sometimes feel like an unqualified choice. Especially if you are relocating to an area you’re not familiar with, and don’t know the location well enough to choose a realtor based on township borders.

However, if you are relocating from another part of Canada, or even another corner of the Lower Mainland, having your current realtor refer you to someone who represents the area you desire to move to, is an ideal option.

Often, your original realtor will keep in touch with you to ensure you are satisfied with the referral, instead of you having to deal with problems on your own.

While the new realtor will often be taking over your file completely, knowing that you came as a referral from someone else, will give him or her the incentive to work diligently to please you.

Referrals make up a large portion of any good realtor’s client base, and they rely heavily on clients and other realtors referring new buyers and sellers to them. Make sure that your realtor of choice comes highly recommended!

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