Natural Perfection in BC’s Lower Mainland

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From Hope to Pemberton … the Lower Mainland is an abundant playground bursting with natural parks and trails. We’re all familiar with the Sea to Sky, famous to us all in the Lower Mainland long before the 2010 Olympics. But outside of this winding path of a highway, there are so many other gems worth noting, and definitely worth visiting.

Natural Perfection in the Lower MainlandTake Hwy 1 past Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack …and nestled in the back corners of Agassiz you will find Harrison Hot Springs. A destination any tourist information booth, in close proximity to this area, Natural Perfection In B.C.Lower Mainland BC - Natural Perfectionwill tell you about. It’s quaint, beautiful, and bursting with nature’s perfections. From crystal clear water, to distant snow-capped mountains, this must-see is a beloved hot spot for nearby locals and far-flung tourists alike.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the “hidden springs” not overly advertised in this area. I wanted to keep this secret hidden as this beautiful natural spring has already being defaced by so many disrespectful hooligans, but at the same time – this amazing gem needs to be voiced in hopes that those who appreciate such things will force action on maintaining it.

The logging that goes on here is alarming, but that’s a whole other blog about the lumber industry and the housing market.

I digress.

Driving up the winding mountain road, we discovered owls and waterfalls and bears (oh my!). Nearly two hours of 4×4 venturing later we came upon an avalanche perfectly disastrous in nature, and only 5 minutes from out destination point. True story. Granted it wasn’t barreling down the mountain when we arrived, it had clearly been there for a day or 10, but standing 8 feet high, and 100 feet wide lay a wall of snow and trees, of which we had to clamber over to get to our final destination point.

And clamber we did.

And let me say; it was well worth the two-hour drive, and the hike over this wall of trees and snow …because at the end of this natural disaster steamed a display of nature’s perfection. A bubbling river alongside a hose of hot springs flowing into an –unknown aged- barrel. If you can block out the carnage of ruined platforms, strewn garbage and the unfortunate defacing of the natural pool (that was dug out by the lady who once lived at a cabin in these woods, which was burnt down by aforementioned hooligans), then all you see is natures hot tub amidst trees, rocks and rivers.

This adventure still has me smiling!

So whether you’re from Surrey, White Rock, or Langley …pack a picnic, take a garbage bag, and make the trek out to nature’s nook on Harrison’s mountainside. But please – take your garbage with you and leave the perfection behind.


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