Got Love? Lonely Vancouverites say NO

October 4, 2012 | By

Andrew Szalontai of Re/Max Treeland RealtyLonely in Vancouver? Maybe its time for a trip outside the city!

Recent studies show Vancouverites are a lonely, isolated bunch who can’t make friends, and the city is considering creating a task force to foster better relationships and community involvement. I can’t help but hear an army of citizens chant: “hup-two-three-four come on, lets get happyyyyyyyy”. I don’t know about you, but in my mind, there has to be a better way!

I digress…

But seriously folks, this is what City Councilor – Andrea Reimer – is proposing. A 16-person task force that would discuss ways to increase engagement between Vancouverites, and in turn get more people involved in community decisions.

Firstly I say – join Facebook, you’ll probably reconnect with all the friends you could ever need. Secondly I say – get out of downtown! We’re a friendly bunch out this way. Surrey has had amazing community building results with the help of its Mayor. Despite its bad rap for being “Surrey”, there are plenty of beautiful and friendly communities in the Surrey district. Which, is actually the largest municipality in the Lower Mainland, so it’s definitely big enough to have its share of both good and not so great areas.

The Vancouver Foundation’s survey, released last year, found that one in three people find it hard to make new bff’s in Vancouver. One in four said they spend more time alone then they would like to.

I bet if they surveyed Jillian Harris (the Vancouverite turned Bachelorette turned Vancouverite again), she would agree that – clearly Vancouver is a tad unfriendly, and a hard community to make a lasting romantic relationship in. A catch like her ended up with an American like Ed …I say, come to the country. Gentlemen abound here!

Again, I digress.

The study, the study. Yes, the study showed that loneliness affects everyone because it creates a series of negative attitudes that impact the entire community. Why? Because isolated individuals are not likely to participate in activities that improve neighbourhoods. In addition, it found that 45 per cent of people surveyed felt that non-English speaking Vancouverites do not try hard enough to be part of the community.

However, when foreigners are buying up the majority of your city, I’m sorry to tell you – you’re a minority vote, and that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

Perhaps if they spoke in sign language it could create for a very interactive community. We have a lot of “Hawaiian good luck signs” that fly out car windows here in the country, but hey – we mean it in a friendly manner!

Cheeky as this all may sound, Vancouver clearly has a problem (points finger in that direction). I might be a biased real estate agent, but I say we’re the solution. Surrey, White Rock and Langley always have their doors open (after knocking of course) to you lonely city folk. Maybe it’s our affordable housing that keeps us smiling. Regardless, if you need love …my suggestion, skip the task force and “get your country on!”

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