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Choosing a Realtor is like choosing a counselor – it has to be the right fit. You want to ensure your Realtor is well aware of your needs and expectations, and will address those issues (among others) with you effectively. A recent study brought to light the following concerns held by buyers and sellers in the marketplace:

• does their Realtor understand the importance buyers place on the Realtor as it pertains to his role in advising on conditions and subjects when preparing offers and negotiating the purchase price?

• Realtors are more focused on the property search aspect of their role, while consumers place a higher priority on transactional processes.

• Realtors may underestimate the importance sellers place on the Realtor and his role in establishing proper pricing levels for their home. Consumers report they are twice as likely to rely on their Realtors as the most trustworthy source of information rather than themselves.

• Realtors may currently underestimate the impact of changing market conditions on consumer expectations. Consumers see the current market as increasing their expectations of Realtors.

83% of buyers considered it very important that their Realtor could negotiate a reasonable purchase price on their behalf.

Whether buying or selling, both parties want to know their Realtor has their best intention at heart. 74% of sellers noted that it was very important for their Realtor to understand their financial objectives.

REALTORS® are the most trusted source of information when Sellers are determining the listing price for their home. In fact, Sellers are twice as likely to trust their REALTOR’S knowledge, as they are to trust their own knowledge when setting their expectations for the value of their home.

Being aware of your concerns, and understanding how your Realtor can address them are key factors in buying or selling your home. If you don’t voice your concerns clearly to your Realtor, he can’t begin to understand or know what they are. But by having a knowledgeable Realtor – he will often address your concerns for you – especially as a first time buyer who won’t always know the right questions to ask.

The list above is a great starting place to making your own list of personal concerns whether you’re entering the marketplace as a buyer or seller.

As a Realtor for the Langley, Surrey and White Rock communities, I am well prepared to address your real estate concerns, including marketplace value – whether you’re buying or selling. Peace of mind is definitely my prerogative as your Realtor and I look forward to trouble-shooting with you!




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