Schools still out …but this Fall – what school is “IN”?

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With summer still in and school still out, parents are -I’m sure- anxious for the upcoming school season. This past year in the Lower Mainland, parents experienced a lot of teacher strike action, and with that – school closures due to this. There are varied thoughts and opinion on the matter, as to the rights of the teachers vs. the rights of a quality education for the children. However, armed with a union, this collective group of teachers are enforced by rules and regulations regardless of their own opinions.

Recently on the news they interviewed local private schools to see how attendance was shaping up for the upcoming 2012 school year, and as most would assume – attendance is definitely on the upturn.

Parents are tired of having to find last minute daycare, or taking the time off of work to be with their children who are at home due to school closures. Although the cost of private school might run up their monthly costs, some are assuming these costs as the peace of mind far outweighs the expenditure.

From Vancouver city, to North and West Vancouver, Maple Ridge, to White Rock, Langley to Surrey, there are many private schools to choose from. The majority of private schools have an affiliated religion associated with them, with the alternative being the prestigious (and costly) alternative private school, but depending on your income – there are subsidies and grants available for your child to take part in a private education. Be aware, it isn’t as simple as registering your child for school as there are interviews involved, both for the parents and the pending student if this is the first year your child is to be attending private school. But if there is an availability in that school, and you meet the basic criteria, it’s not an overly overwhelming process.

I know of various families whose children attend private schools, and they rave about the quality of education, the additional attention and benefits their child(ren) receive from having placed them in the private system.

This is not to say the public school is doomed. It has and will continue to serve its purpose – some local areas of course thriving better than others, and some teachers offering a higher quality of attention to their students. But as many parents know, it’s the luck-of-the-draw in the public school system.

If you’re not wanting to base your child’s future on luck, however, and wish to maintain a full year of education without interruption to your work schedule or your child’s education – here are a few schools well worth looking into!

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