Four Noteworthy Home Trends

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The Fraser Valley area features homes of all kinds and the area is so diverse that home and real estate trends are not always easy to spot. Some trends are a passing phase, while others have staying power. Home trends, for instance, are worth noting. Especially if you’re in the market to sell your home, it can raise the value of your home substantially. Knowing your market – whether it is Langley, Surrey or White Rock – and why people are looking to buy in your area are important factors, but the trends I want to mention transcend location, and trump the times.

Real Estate Trend 1. Retro Real Estate

Homes built earlier than 1995 have a certain style to them. Equal split levels, rectangle shape, fairly boxy both in outer and inner appearances. However, these homes were once affordable and usually come with larger properties …so if you find yourself living in one of these homes – goldmine comes to mind! Taking this older style home and having a contractor come in to build on a deck, install a front entrance patio, or blow out a kitchen wall, might seem like a pricey daunting tasks, but this will take your circa 1995 home from ‘has-been’ to ‘must-have.’ Many home buyers are looking at “retro real estate” as the pricing is seen as a bargain, but whether or not it’s your home that will be selling, depends largely on its unique curb appeal.

Real Estate Trend 2. Bringing the Outdoors In

Keeping in mind the large properties these older homes often offer, it leaves a lot of room for – not only expansion of your interior – but also the added value of setting up an outside space that is an extension of your living play-zone. Hobby farms are all the rage, so having a garden space, perhaps a fruit tree, and even a chicken coop …in an organized and clean setting… this could set you apart from the Jones’s AND the Smith’s!

For the ultimate play-zone – the hot tub is a must have. Buyers see “hot tub” on the real estate listing and instantly envision their new oasis. However, randomly plopping down a hot tub in the middle of the yard isn’t going to maintain this oasis vision. Esthetics is key to having your outdoor space be part of a ‘lifestyle agenda.’ Make it a lasting trend by creating a scenic space for your outdoor jet tub that gels with the rest of your home and garden.

Real Estate Trend 3. The Kitchen The Kitchen The Kitchen

The kitchen is to the final decision, what location is to the initial decision – the focal point of the buy. Having a kitchen that is open, and spacious (or at least appears as such) is key to selling your home. The kitchen isn’t just a place for cooking dinner; it’s the entertainment hub of your living space. Whether it requires blowing out a wall, or knocking down old cabinetry, open kitchen space isn’t just a trend, it’s a smart move by homeowners everywhere (sorry Fraser Valley, kitchen refurbishing is a national trend!).

Real Estate Trend 4. Go Green or Go Home

Ideally you have “gone green” in your home already, whether it’s by recycling or installing energy efficient lighting, it is, after all, 2012. But add to this a noticeable “Go Green” factor. Perhaps instead of a garborator, you create compost outside (alongside your chicken coop of course!). These are seemingly minor details that create a major touch point for us Realtors to buzz about when we show your home.

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