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Andrew Szalontai

Having lived in BC – namely the Lower Mainland – my entire life, I am a West Coast enthusiast through and through. You will often find me adventuring on one of the many sea to sky activities that abound in this area.

Hot rods have always fascinated me with their chrome fixtures, heavy-duty metal packaging and triumphant engines; these machines take up a corner of my mental space reserved for some men. Boats and boating itself are a close second, with our local oceans and our interior lakes; boats are something you will often find me window-shopping for and climbing aboard. There’s just something about living life to the fullest – and fastest that works for me.

When the sun emerges and warm weather hits, I’ll be found on the beach volleying a tethered ball, or fishing off the edge of an aluminum boat …no need for speed when it comes to a relaxing sport such as this. Business or pleasure, I try to find a healthy balance for both.

As a professional Realtor, I aim to stay involved in the community, and stay current with the many goings-on in the Lower Mainland portion of BC. If asked, my friends would describe me as “professional but approachable, making business enjoyable and a comfortable experience”. Specializing in selling homes in the communities of White Rock, Surrey and Langley, I also have extensive knowledge and interests in many of the surrounding towns and neighbourhoods. With this in mind, my past clients would say: “his intentions are honest and his demeanor is caring, with exceptionally good experience with selling homes in suburban Vancouver”.

I feel that I have found my niche in life, as I love helping people find their perfect home in beautiful British Columbia.

If you are in the market, give me a call – I will be more than happy to help you find your own little slice of West Coast heaven.